Apparently, in an attempt to paint Michael Brown as anything less than innocent, people have been spreading an image of an armed 17-year-old Joda Cain around the web and claiming that it’s Michael Brown.

Joda Cain is accused of murder in my home state of Oregon, and has literally jack shit to do with the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, Missouri. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME PEOPLE. Anyone using the above image as “proof” that Michael Brown “deserved” to be shot should be called out for defamation, and promptly thrown down a spiral staircase. 

The bottom photo is the real Michael Brown. He was called a “gentle giant” by friends and family. He was unarmed and innocent, and he was murdered by a police officer after being shot more than seven times at close range. Witnesses, including a friend who was with him at the time of the shooting, all agree that he was doing nothing deserving of such violent actions from the officer who gunned him down. 

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Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

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Losing one of the most important people in my life because of stupid things I’ve done sucks.. By far one of the worst feelings I’ve ever felt.. I would literally do anything to go back in time and fix everything

"Sometimes you have to forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve."

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I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me

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Louise Bennett (1919 -2006) Mother of Jamaican Culture


My mum overheard me playing Louise Bennett’s Children’s Jamaican Songs and Games (Folkways, 1957) to the kids and yelled out from the kitchen, ‘it sounds like something straight out of the 50’s’. I yelled back ‘it is!’. So then I wondered what makes it sound like the 50s? Perhaps it is the mento…



So who do I turn to when I get low,
Everybody problem on top of my own.
Nuh boby nah stop to hear you cause u got too much,
Yu keep it inside thats y it look nuff.

You listen, You hear, You comment,
Day and night you listen to them lament.
But as soon as you fi talk,
Everybody tun them back…